Corporate Philosophy


“Our goal is to employ next generation technologies now.
And in doing so, provide our customers with an unmatched,
comprehensive, One-stop media solution.”

 With the 21st century providing the prospect of momentous and ongoing change in the media industry, we at Azuma are constantly asking ourselves what we need to do as we move forward. 
There is no doubt that communication has been, and always will be, a fundamental requirement for success in the industry.
Combining 70 years of experience, unrivalled results, and an unwavering commitment to tackle the challenges ahead with innovation and ingenuity, we believe we are ideally positioned to continue to provide our customers with the solutions they need.

 The challenges ahead are many, but, undaunted, we are determined to continue to forge ahead, creating what we believe to be an unmatched, comprehensive one-stop media corporation.

 President and CEO, Hideyuki Azuma