May 1927Establiched as Azuma Toujirou by Azuma Toujirou in Osaka-shi, Nishi ku, Minami horie jotsu 4 chome.
May 1946Premises moved to 2-chome, Takaida-nishi, Higashi Osaka-shi.Business restarted.
June 1950Incorporation
Mar 1975Hideyuki Azuma (current President) resigns as Vice President of the Shin-Osaka Printing Co-operation Union (Graphic Arts Osaka), reorganizes Senshu Binding Corporation and takes over printing business rights of Azuma Nichiedo Corporation. Capital acquisition of 10,000,000 JPN
Nov 1980Completion of building no.2
Nov 1983Completion of building no.3
Apr 1987Tokyo sales outlet expanded, established at Tokyo office, and relocated to 5-chome, Kami-ikedai, Ota-ku
Nov 1989Expansions to Building no.3
Mar 1995Establishment of Planning and DTP operations at Head Office (Azuma Digital Studio).
Dec 1999Website created. Internet Division established.
Nov 2000Adjoining property's warehouse acquired.
Jan 2002IEC (Internet Enterprise Community) Operation started.